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Customer Reviews

The shirt was a hit! It was an instant hit to all my all my work colleagues and friends. Totally worth the money.

Daniel Hilliker

I made like 4 Snapchat friends one night just by wearing this shirt. This is so cool and it brings a lot of attraction.

Chris Pizzaruso

Was looking for something to make me stand out. It has definitely helped me get more Snapchat fans.

Matt Buckner
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Ways to Use

Concerts / Music Festivals

Show people that you're open and friendly, make new friends fast and easy by wearing the unique T-Shirt during concerts and Music Festivals.

Gatherings / Events

Social gatherings are no longer a problem. Just scan or be scanned and become connected to the right crowd.


Connect instantly with people. Can be used for attracting the right attention, flirting, events, whenever you feel like reaching out to make some new connections.

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